Tuesday, June 7, 2005

STANLEY HAUERWAS: WAR & SACRIFICE. For now, I can offer only a few bullet points that I scribbled down during Stanley Hauerwas' presentation at the "Preemptive Peacemaking" workshop at Manchester College today. Hauerwas, who teaches ethics at Duke, is considered America's foremost theologian by some (Time magazine, for one):
  • "War is a habit of our imaginations."
  • "War is an institution."
  • "War is a sacrificial system."
  • "War is seductive and powerful in its call to 'virtues.'"
  • "What we sacrifice in war is the sacrifice of our unwillingness to kill."
  • "The Christian alternative to war is worship."
  • "The church is the alternative to war."
  • "When we, as Christians, approve of or go to war, we rob the world of the witness of the alternative."
  • "In the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, war has been abolished."
  • "You will have to watch the innocent suffer for your convictions...whether you are committed to Christian nonviolence or to just war."
  • "The problem with most war memorials is that they invite lies." (Hauerwas considers the Vietnam War Memorial an exception to this)

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