Wednesday, June 15, 2005

SIX PEOPLE IN A MINI-VAN FOR 16 HOURS. That's almost enough said. But our family traveled relatively well together from Indy to New Smyrna Beach to begin a week-long vacation. We've been driving straight through the night with the kids for years. We arrive in sunny Florida in the morning and hit the beach before noon. I'll catch up on sleep soon enough.

SURF...OR DIE TRYING. This will be the first year I will try out the used surfboard my mom & dad gave me for Christmas. Since I started coming to this beach as a child, I've wanted to surf. I settled for body surfing. Since then, I've learned to wather and snow ski, wakeboard and snowboard; but I haven't yet ridden a surfboard. Maybe I'll learn in a day or week...or it may take a few years. But I am determined to "hang 10" before I die...or die trying. Surf's up. Later, dudes.

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