Thursday, June 2, 2005

REPUBLIC...OR EMPIRE? A sage friend of mine ponders rather openly about the drift of our republic toward empire. He asserts that the move away from a republic toward empire (remember Rome) is being fueled, ironically, by fundamentalistic religious perspectives and voices. Perhaps. My take: maybe the natural drift toward empire is simply NOT being sufficiently challenged, staved off, redirected,or countered by spiritual perspectives and voices that contemplate the deeper aspects of faith, community, and democracy. What think ye?


  1. Very interesting. I'd like to hear more "data" on that. Maybe some comparisons or thoughts or something.

  2. Hi Bikehiker, I stumbled on your blog tonight and found it interesting if not completely in line with my own viewpoints. I was drawn in, though, by what we have in common - I'm a Christian, a cyclist, a cycling fan, a thinker (sometimes), and a blogger (you can find mine at But I think we differ on some political/social issues. Wouldn't mind discussing it sometime.


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