Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I am wondering why and how it is that we seem to be so limited in our range of exposure to certain aspects of reality, relationships, and visual awarenesses for long periods of time?

Is it that we are so dull that we actually think the little world we daily see and define as our primary boundaries, and in which we mostly live and move, is what is essential?

Or is it that we are prevented from being fully aware of the range of human, living and created existence most of the time? If so, why?

Why is it that it seems I am led to know and work with certain knowledge and awarenesses and not led to know and work with other--albeit equally important and real and critical--knowledge and awarenesses?

I am a citizen of the world, a child of the universe, a being of eternity. But it is likely I will wake up tomorrow and think, feel, and act mostly within the roles, relationships, expectations, biddings, and callings of a husband and father who serves as an American evangelical pastor assigned to an urban parish and who happens to have occasional manias for cycling, surfing, and community renewal.

The universe soars expansively above us. And we fret over our property taxes.

Go figure.

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