Saturday, June 18, 2005

MARRIAGE AND THE COMMON GOOD. In the current issue of Sojourners, Jesse Holcomb reflects on the challenge of marriage. Holcomb reflects on marriage perspectives among younger Christian adults. As one who has shared the covenant of marriage for [a mere] 24 years now, I find the article heartening and encouraging. An excerpt:

IN SPITE OF HEADLINES AND THE ODDS. "Marriage has found a home in the headlines, but insight into the soul of matrimony is elusive. The Bush administration is championing a marriage amendment to ban same-sex unions, its answer to gay and lesbian couples fighting for the right to participate in what, until recently, never really seemed like such an exclusive domain. Yet the political battles do not reveal the essence of what is so worth fighting to obtain - or clutch, depending on which side you’re on. Divorce rates in America are sky-high, prenuptial agreements and separate checkbooks are fodder for grumbling media pundits, cohabitation is more culturally acceptable than ever before, and men and women, as a rule, are marrying later. So why are many young people from faith backgrounds - often ambitious and motivated to pursue the common good in their careers - marrying in spite of these trends?"

READ MORE. The full article, "Marriage and the Common Good," at Nice work, Jesse.

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