Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I SPOKE OF "MILD SURF" TOO SOON. Having declared the New Smyrna Beach surf too mild for surfing at this time of year on Monday, I had to eat my words--ever so gratefully!--today. We arrive at the beach and, apparently, an overnight storm at sea had churned up the water tremendously. The waves were 3-6 feet and coming in with intensity. I wore myself out trying to catch as many as possible with the old Quiet Flight short board. Jared also tried his hand with the surfboard. A thunderstorm drove us off the beach, or we'd have exhausted ourselves completely before our 15-hour drive back to Indy. That's the way it is with surfing, I guess. Even the big waves in Hawaii and other places are dormant much of the time...only to be awakened rather unpredictably.

This time tomorrow...we'll be back in Indy, far from the seaside and anything that resembles a wave. But the heartland has a beauty all its own.

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