Sunday, June 12, 2005

CAN YOU SAY: "GUANTANAMO?" It is becoming clear that there is no longer any need to refer to an American "gulag" on the island of Cuba. What is emerging in the world's consciousness--now reflected widely in international news media as well as in more congressional members of the President's own party--is a new reality: Guantanamo. The word is now synonymous with a freedom- and democracy-preaching nation that acts outside the rule of law in detaining, denying Geneva Conventions, Red Cross human rights guidelines, and abusing enemy combatants during interrogations in its self-proclaimed war on terror.

CALL FOR CHANGE. Even as Guantanamo takes hold as an expression of the dark side of America's slide into empire, it is time for American citizens to call for the camp to be shut down and U.S. detention policies dramatically changed to reflect the rule of law and the will of the people. However, Bush Administration officials continue to deny and deflect challenges to it and the abuses that have occurred there.

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