Saturday, May 21, 2005


SHODDY JOB. I am still mulling over the incredibly poor story on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ that I tried to watch on 20/20 last night. Not only did ABC do a really poor (my high school wrestling coach would use another adjective) job in preparation and in using a lightweight like Ms. Vargas to try to go head to head with seasoned liberal theologians and historians, they simply did not represent the range of scholarship, history, and tradition on the subject.

GOOD JOURNALISM, PLEASE. ABC & 20/20: You get a C- from me. And I am no fundamentalist or partisan conservative evangelical! The public deserves better and you can do better. Please get back to good journalism. Maybe I shouldn’t continue to expect more. Many of my Christian friends have given up on the mainstream news media (as if alternative sources are better!?). But I continue to hold out hope for a revival/rebirth of civic journalism. A level and objective playing field that the pubic respects in the news media can be the best friend Christendom ever had.

SPECULATIVE, DISMISSIVE THEORIES. I guess what irks me as much as ABC's shoddy coverage of the central faith story of Christianity (I wonder if they would do such a bad job covering the central stories of Judaism and Islam?), were the laughable notions and dismissive theories about how Jesus was or was not resurrected, what they think really took place, what kind of post-resurrection body Jesus had, and how the early believers where hood-winked into believing something that really, literally--according to these religious pundits--did not happen.

IS THIS THE BEST WE CAN OFFER? If what these experts said on 20/20 is the best the academy can offer the church and the world regarding an apology of the Christian faith, it is no wonder the church is in such trouble. The ideas these theologians and historians offered were based less on scholarship and based more on their own notions. Perhaps they were speaking out of their own doubts and religious experiences (or lack thereof?). I don't know. I just know they neither reflected a respectable range of Biblical scholarship, nor the history, tradition and experience of the church. And they did not speak for me. Can I get a witness?

AN OPEN LETTER? I just found the whole 20/20 media production--masking as good, objective journalism--very troubling. I am considering an open letter to Ms. Vargas and the 20/20 writers. Or perhaps to the theologians and historians who purported to speak for Christians worldwide when they spouted their notions about the Resurrection on camera (a blog--like this--is an appropriate place to spout personal notions, not international news media!). More later.

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