Thursday, May 26, 2005


PRIVATE OR PUBLIC? BOTH! Parker Palmer makes a solid case for being a border crosser in daily living. He sees the cross at the cross-section of our private and public spheres. Instead of retreating from the complexities of the public realm, he challenges us to make real the claims of Christian faith right there. As Jim Wallis points out, "Faith may be personal, but it can never be private."

THE WAY OF THE CROSS. "The cross which many Christians are called to bear involves the contradictions of contemporary life. And these contradictions are especially pronounced in the public realm. Christian faith, the way of the cross, empowers us to live these contradictions creatively instead of retreating from them as we so often do. The way of the cross both leads us into public life and gives us the grace to live there..."

LIVING IN THE TENSION. Palmer continues: "The way of the cross challenges us not to remove tension from our lives by avoiding the places where tension is found, or by abandoning the convictions that cause us to feel tension. Instead, the cross points to another way, a way of 'living the contradictions,' a way of taking tension into our lives and transforming it from a force of destruction into an energy of creation."

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