Thursday, May 12, 2005


I come to dwell for a while
in the sacred space
of another house of worship.

Its unfamiliarity, its strangeness
beckons me.
Though I feel not at home
here God is present
just the same.

Here liturgical life flows in rhythms
beyond my customary tuning
to the means of grace.
They resonate with an ancient faithfulness
in contrast to a shallow milieu
of contemporary worship.

Here all effort is made for past witness
to live as present guide to
an anticipated future.
The cloud of witnesses gather ‘round,
encouraging modern pilgrims to
live the Kingdom now.

I know this sojourn in my heart
and endeavor to affirm it in my own
house of worship. Still,
I am thankful for this sacred space,
and these fellow travelers.

I salute their distinctive journey
and open my own
to them.

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