Saturday, April 9, 2005

SIFT OUR HEARTS. A prayer on the occasion of Pope John Paul II's funeral:

O God,

Thank you for the public life and example of John Paul II. As the world has grieved and gathered in tribute, I pray that you will be glorified.

At such a time, let the true nature of your kingdom be clarified. It is not about rituals or the rich, but about Good News to the poor. I pray for the poor to be remembered and lifted up as central to your Gospel. I ask that the hearts of those of us who have succumbed to a mammon spirit and given ourselves to unworthy, selfish pursuits will be sifted.

Let us accept your judgments now that we may be changed and change our habits, patterns, and witness before a watching world. May we yet, in this generation, live to glorify you and your name in the world.


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