Tuesday, April 5, 2005

MY LETTER IN THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR. Today the Indianapolis Star published the following letter I submitted regarding funding plans for a new Colts stadium and an expanded convention center:

Regional approach will benefit all residents

Regional participation in a new stadium and convention center upgrades makes economic sense for Central Indiana.

Residents in all Central Indiana counties benefit directly from a vital economic core. And if it is accepted that keeping the Indianapolis Colts and expanding the convention industry are necessary for regional economic growth, then participation from across the region is a no-brainer. All stand to lose or benefit.

Few regions in the nation have the potential development trajectory of Central Indiana. But county-based polarization, protecting petty political fiefdoms and trying to solve problems in isolation will diminish quality of life in each community and the region as a whole. Leadership calls for a regional approach to investment in Central
Indiana's future.

John Hay Jr.

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