Friday, April 8, 2005

INSTANT SPRING. Each year, our family experiences the odd sensation of instant spring. The last weekend of March finds us heading from mildly cold and lingeringly wintery Central Indiana to definitely cold and snow-packed Breckenridge, Colorado. Most folks head for the beach for spring break; we head for the slopes of the Rockies.

FROM SNOWBOARD TO BIKE. Then, a week later, a plane whisks back home and -- wallah! -- spring has sprung! Bulbs are up, blooms are on plum and crabapple and tulip trees, and grass is -- get this -- green and growing. Some neighbors mowed their lawns and edged their sidewalks this week. That's pushing it! Next week, one of our family members will be pushing it...the lawn mower, that is. Last week, I rode a snowboard down mountain slopes packed with 70 inches of snow. This week, I rode my Cannondale in a t-shirt thru Eagle Creek Park while Sam practiced soccer. Go figure.

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