Wednesday, March 30, 2005

WELL, WE PRAYED FOR SPRING SNOW... Temperatures plummeted and it snowed heavy all day today in Breckenridge. Heavy snow in the town would translate into white-out conditions on the mountain, so, oddly enough, we stayed off the slopes. We pray for spring snow and get it...then run for cover. Well, there's snowfall and then there's stinging, bone-chilling, blinding, blowing snowfall. I'll catch the mountain tomorrow.

CREATING CREATIVE ENVIRONMENTS. Instead of sailing the slopes we strolled the town's shops and chilled out at The Corral. I watched "The Incredibles" for the first time; then took in a lot of the supplementary material, including "The Making of the Incredibles." I'm fascinated by the creative environment at Pixar and Brian Bird. I want to return to this discussion a bit later, i.e., a leader sets up a creative environment that brings out the best in those who share in a project or movement. I discovered this in the reboot at Horizon House. I have yet to set this in motion at WEMO. But I am now inspired to do so.

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