Thursday, March 3, 2005

MR. FOSSETT DOES IT AGAIN. Last year he successfully solo circumnavigated the globe nonstop in a hot-air balloon. Today, Steve Fossett completed the first nonstop single-engine, solo flight around the world. He touched down in Salina, Kansas after 67 hours and 23,000 miles. What frontiers are next up for this Chicagoan who dreams great dreams and reaches for the skies?


  1. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Can we not assume that Steve Fossett's dreams would not have come true without quite a few people investing in Virgin Atlantic Aviation? And isn't Lance Armstrong enabled to spend his life racing bicycles due in part to money which Nike spends to place their logo on his shirt? He is receiving money from Nike for promoting their products ... has he checked out Nike thoroughly to make sure they are not operating sweat shops in some remote corner of the world? Is every Nike employee happy and treated fairly?

  2. Ouch! Undoubtedly, tainted investments are everywhere. We are all effected; we are all complicit. That is exactly my point. Extricating ourselves from a Wall Street-dominated world is not a valid option. But beginning to name the power and confront the power for the sake of disarming and transforming the power...that is the direction it seems to me in which persons or groups that care to express a Biblical holiness social ethic would dare to move. If one's dollar is a "Yes" or "No" vote for prevailing practices, one has at least some choice, leverage, and voice to the principality and power we call Wall Street.

    Of coure...there is the option of dismissing the issue, letting sleeping dogs lie, doing nothing, and gliding blissfully blind into retirement.


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