Tuesday, March 15, 2005

DINNER WITH DONALD DAYTON. So I sit down at the dinner table at the Free Methodist Historical Society conference to talk to Nazarene Archivist Stan Ingersol, and there's this rather crude looking fellow (sorry, Don, that's just my first impression!) sitting across the table with a name tag on that says "Don Dayton."

Not imagining this was the real McCoy and trying to be cute, I say, "So, you're the guy whose articles and books I've been reading and drawing hope for holiness social ethics from all these years!"

"Guilty as charged," the rumpled old codger fires back.

I look at Stan and ask, "Is this really Donald W. Dayton?"

He laughs. "Yes. This is truly an ecumenical table at which you are seated."

I am floored. And humbled. And honored. Right here in the lower level of the church I pastor is one of the most outstanding holiness thinkers and writers alive. And I am seated next to perhaps the most knowlegable holiness historian--Stan Ingersol.

So, for the next hour I get to share table conversation with Stan Ingersol, Donald Dayton, and Free Methodist Dwight Gregory. We talk, among other things, about my recent notions regarding our holiness forebears and stock market trading. Dayton points me to several early holiness sources. We talk until we are all late for the evening plenary session.

If nothing else of note comes out of this symposium, I've been graced in this encounter.

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