Monday, February 21, 2005

LANCE...OR JAN IN '05? The guessing game is over. On Wednesday, things came into focus for every cyclist and team planning to contest the Tour de France. The Discovery Channel cycling team announced that six-time defending champion Lance Armstrong would attempt to defend his title in the July epic. Immediately, the "old man" (he's 33) becomes the target and focal point of preparation for every up-and-coming professional cyclist. The one who defeats Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France will be celebrated in history.

UNBEATABLE...OR LUCKY? Is Armstrong beatable? Or is he lucky enough to avoid crashes, mistakes, scandals, and illnesses through four months of training and twenty-one days of competing across the terrain of more time?

CLASH OF TITANS. Wouldn't the ultimate outcome be Jan Ullrich--who has provided the stiffest competition and placed second to Armstrong five times--winning by a few seconds? Not to take anything away from Lance, but if this era of the Texan must end, let it end in this final clash of Titans dueling it out to the final finish line on the Champs Elysees.

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