Thursday, February 3, 2005

HELLO?! Okay, so since September 11, 2001, the American government has...
  • declared a policy of "preemptive war" legitimate
  • substantially curtailed civil liberties in the Patriot Act
  • presided over an unprecedented militarization of civilian life
  • rounded up and detained thousands of immigrants and people of color
  • declared the Geneva Conventions "obsolete" regarding suspected terrorists
  • declared "preemptive" war on Afghanistan and Iraq against the pleas of fellow democratic nations and the UN
  • engaged in well-publicized extreme torture of detainees
  • engaged in further labeling and stereotyping of gay citizens
  • driven the national budget into the largest deficit ever over military spending
And no one is raising eyebrows? And no one is looking back at history to see precedents, make comparisons, and project trajectories of such actions? Hello?! Anybody home?!

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