Tuesday, January 11, 2005

THINKING OF GOD IN LIGHT OF THE TSUNAMI. I've read and heard a lot of really offensive, well-intended but untenable comments about God's purposes related to the tsunami of December 26, 2004. Most of what I've read reflects really bad, unbiblical theology. I really hope people don't think such things about the God they claim to worship.

One astute reflection I recommend: "A Grief Observed." You can read it at http://www.tothesource.org/12_30_2004/12_30_2004.htm. The writer reflects on C.S. Lewis thoughts on pain--both his early dispassionate observations in his book The Problem of Pain and his later personal anguished turmoil in A Grief Observed, a book about the suffering and death of his wife, Joy, and his own suffering in the midst of her pain.

The writer concludes with these words:

"Perhaps our problem with pain is the same as our problem with love or with the birth of a child or with spiritual transcendence -- we do not master them by putting words to them. They are beyond words. These experiences are always more than we could have managed, imagined or described. We do not begin to understand them and we kid ourselves when we think we do."

"Try as we can, and it is good to do so, at the end we can not fully understand the problem of pain or the death of an innocent. We do not have God’s eyes."

"How can we worship a God who allows Melina’s family to suffer such terrible anguish? How can we worship a God who allows so many innocent lives to aimlessly perish? Because He is God."

"Perhaps this is why Golgotha remains such a profound mystery, one beyond description. Perhaps it is why it remains so relevant even to a modern world."

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