Saturday, January 8, 2005

KINGDOM ETIQUETTE. I am working with Luke 14:1-24 in preparation for my opportunity to reflect on and apply the Bible in the Morning Worship service at West Morris Street Free Methodist Church tomorrow. The account of Jesus dining at the house of a Pharisee opens up principles of hospitality that reflect a far different etiquette than we commonly practice. Even sitting down to dinner reflects what we believe to be true about the present and future in which Jesus' rule is the new norm.

FOUR RULES. Based on Luke 14:1-24, here are four "Kingdom etiguette" rules I will assert:

1. Jesus breaks the rules when they co-opt or prevent grace from reaching the people who need it most. Luke 14:1-6

2. In the upside-down Kingdom, we enter by humbling ourselves. Luke 14:7-11

3. Inside out hospitality invites outsiders in. Luke 14:12-14

4. How we RSVP to God’s banquet invitation indicates the condition of our heart. Luke 14:12-24

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