Monday, January 10, 2005

GRACE NOTES POSTED. Earlier today, I posted this week's edition of Grace Notes. You can access it at This week's contents:
  • Benedicere - a New Year's blessing by Ken Sehested (from Sojomail)
  • Reflections on the Tsunami - 6 observations I've made
  • Kingdom Etiquette - 4 "rules" of hospitality for upside-down Kingdom living

WRITING ON THE RUN. Grace Notes are made up of little more than weekly fragments, notes made in the margins of what I process during the course of a week. Grace Notes are, for me, some thoughts and ideas I would like to develop more fully--sometime, someday. For now, I write on the run, I reflect as I go. I scribble insipient considerations down and hope to get back to them. If Grace Notes feels incomplete or embryonic to read, that's because it is.

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