Thursday, January 6, 2005

EPIPHANY GRACE. Epiphany celebrates that God’s light draws unlikely people to grace by circuitous means. Perhaps now, more often than not, people may see light and respond to grace from odd places and by unorthodox means. While grace comes through orthodox means, grace is just as likely to shine light in unlikely places, on unlikely people, and bring them by unlikely paths to the foot of the Cross. Epiphany celebrates such “appearings,” such small and great invasions and in-breakings of grace as part and parcel of the Kingdom.

THE CHILD IS KING. Epiphany also celebrates the fact that the Child visited is, in fact, born King of kings. The prospect that Jesus has been born “king of the Jews” sends Herod’s regime into "search and seizure" mode. The announcement that a new King is on the scene is simultaneously welcoming and threatening.

BAD NEWS, GOOD NEWS. For those living off the spoils of the present reign, who have invested in and count on the continuance of present power arrangements, the news of a new king is unsettling, threatening, undermining. But for those who long for justice, for mercy, for inclusion, for place, for peace, for dignity, for a tomorrow, for equitable economy, for fairness, for a second chance, or for just a chance, the news of a new King is Good News, indeed.

HAVE YOU MADE THE JOURNEY? The journey to adoration of the Christ child is nearly complete. Nearly. It is as nearly complete as our own adoration. Have you made the journey in your heart? Place yourself among the unlikely figures who hear the Good News or who have been drawn by some light. You are no less out of place than anyone else. I am no more worthy of being there than the next person.

LET US BE AMAZED. But have we been drawn? If so, then let us do the only thing one can do in the presence of divinity, in the presence of unparalleled royalty—let us be silent, let us be grateful, let us bow down in worship and adoration, let us prepare ourselves to be forever changed, let us be still and know that God is God. Let us be amazed at grace. And let us turn it inside out in a lifetime of bearing grace to all who are drawn to His light.

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