Monday, January 17, 2005

A BETTER IMAGE OF A PASTOR. Most images of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. depict the pastor/civil rights leader behind a pulpit or before a great throng of adoring people. But I prefer the pictures of this Christian minister being manhandled by government authorities serving vested white interests.

POWER IN THE STREETS. King's primary witness and power come not from the pulpit and podium, but from his stand in the streets with unnamed people with whom he identified and for whom he gave his life. This photo, accessed at The Seattle Times MLK pages (a good online resource!), was taken in 1958 in Montgomery, Alabama. He was arrested for "loitering"; the charge was later changed to "failure to obey an officer."

PASTOR ARRESTED? When was the last time you read of a Christian minister being arrested for any issue of peace and justice? Plenty have been arrested for fraud or other immoral behavior. Help me recall those who have so irked the powers that be regarding peace and justice that the principality we call "government" has had the audacitcy to lay hands on them?

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