Tuesday, December 28, 2004

WHEN CATASTROPHE STRIKES. I am overwhelmed at the scope of disaster and instantaneous loss of over 40,000 lives in the Asian tsunami yesterday. Reading the USA Today story breaks my heart. America so felt the sudden loss of 3,000 souls in the World Trade Center disaster; who can imagine the grief of tiny Sri Lanka, which lost over 18,000 of its residents.

TASTE THE LOT OF ALL. The folks at Bruderhof help me begin to put it into perspective. Bruderhof's Daily Dig this morning is an excerpt from an extended 1919 lecture on suffering by Eberhard Arnold:
"Only when we take human existence upon ourselves in its starkest and most humiliating misery—a misery in which nothing has meaning—can we win through to the only possible way to live. Only when we taste the lot of all, when we become involved deeply in world suffering, one in heart with the need of humanity, can we win through to our true vocation. Only when the conscience becomes active, only when love is born out of suffering, only when hardship leads to liberating action, is victory near."

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