Tuesday, December 7, 2004

TO OBEY IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE. My kids love Keith Green's music. It seems timeless, as powerful now as it was when Keith's bright voice and creative spirit challenged young hearts over 25 years ago. Tragically, Keith died in a plane crash in 1982. I think of these lyrics in the face of a too-comfortable church:

To obey is better than sacrifice,
I don't need your money, I want your life.
And I hear you say that I'm coming back soon,
but you act like I'll never return.

Well you speak of grace and my love so sweet.
How you thrive on milk but reject my meat.
And I can't help weeping at how it will be,
if you keep on ignoring my Word.

Well you pray to prosper and succeed,
but your flesh is something I just can't feed.
To obey is better than sacrifice,
I want more than Sundays and Wednesday nights.
'Cause if you can't come to me every day,
then don't bother coming at all.

To obey is better than sacrifice.
I want hearts of fire, not your prayers of ice.
And I'm coming quickly to give back to you,
according to what you have done.

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