Friday, December 3, 2004

STRINGFELLOW'S PERSPECTIVE. William Stringfellow, the outspoken lay theologian and Harlem street lawyer who died in 1985, perceived clearly the political implications of the Bible as it related to life. He pushed people out of their private religion and sanitized views of the Bible. Read a one-page synopsis of Stringfellow. The following statement is poignant and typically Stringfellow:
"The biblical topic is politics. The Bible is about the politics of fallen creation and the politics of redemption; the politics of the nations, institutions, ideologies, and causes of this world and the politics of the Kingdom of God; the politics of Babylon and the politics of Jerusalem; the politics of the Antichrist and the politics of Jesus Christ; the politics of the demonic powers and principalities and the politics of the timely judgment of God as sovereign; the politics of death and the politics of life; apocalyptic politics and eschatological politics."

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