Wednesday, December 8, 2004

RUSH LIMBAUGH IS ANTI-CHRISTIAN. Has it occurred to Christians who avidly or passively listen to Rush Limbaugh that not only is Rush not Christian, but the philosophy, views, and policies he advocates--not to mention the spirit in which he conveys his views--are thoroughly anti-Christ?

THIRTY MINUTES AND TWO HOURS. I'd be happy to sit through a mere 30-minutes of the Limbaugh radio show with any Dittohead so we could spend the next two hours with the Bible unpacking the sub-Christian and anti-Christian philosophy and views he espouses durinig that brief period.

GROW UP, WISE UP. If you buy Rush's political and economic conservativism as Christian, you are gullible and undiscerning. You need to grow up in the faith of Jesus Christ. And you need to begin to question why this functional athiest's ideas appeal to you. It's time to wise up. Turn off the noise. Tune into the Word that gives life.

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