Friday, December 17, 2004

RUMSFELD A SCAPEGOAT. That Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld should resign, as is now being called for even by his own party conservatives, has been a foregone conclusion for several years. I called for his resignation in my weekly e-journal over a year ago and in one of my online letters to President Bush in 2003. But in this instance Rumsfeld is the convenient scapegoat for a much broader pattern of arrogance, bad intelligence, misjudgment, poor planning, and cover-up.

THE PRESIDENT IS RESPONSIBLE. For abuses and mismanagement, the finger points back to the President. It began in his decision to go to war against Iraq, which is the grave misjudgment his entire Administration is now trying to manage. Rumsfeld has responsibility for his own words, actions, outlook, and attitude. But the force of his will and spirit, over against many voices of opposition inside and out, has been aided, abetted, and enthusiastically sanctioned by George W. Bush.

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