Wednesday, December 22, 2004

MORE CHRISTMAS MUSIC RECOMMENDATIONS. A friend by the name of Rick Shelton responded to my challenge to submit favorite Christmas CDs. Here are Rick's picks:
  • An Oscar Peterson Christmas. Unparalleled jazz that will astound you. Mellow Christian carols done with amazing sensitivity; secular songsdone with technical mastery. It has it all. All-time favorite.
  • Klezmer Nutcracker. You will never listen to "The Nutcracker" againwithout thinking of this perfect blend of the classical ballet and Klezmer music. Fascinating. Joyous. To call it upbeat would be anunderstatement.
  • Sing Choirs of Angels by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Moving, complex arrangements performed in a huge, well recorded environment with majestic pipe organ and the famous choir.
  • Improvisations for Christmas by Jean Guillou on pipe organ. What our Christmas carols would sound like if Bach had written them. Really impressive on a good sound system.
  • A Child is Born by the Trinity Choir at Cambridge. Formal, classical, highbrow stuff. Not for background listening. It is rather old and I don't see it listed at Amazon, but there is a double disc set called "Carols from Trinity" that has much of the same music on it.

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