Wednesday, December 22, 2004

LETTER TO THE EDITOR. Today the Indianapolis Star printed my Letter to the Editor regarding the promotion of gambling to fund a new stadium for the Colts. Click here for the link. Here is the text that was printed:
Risky business for mayor and city

"Gamble" is the operative word to describe what's at stake for all in the stadium proposal. Is Mayor Bart Peterson really going to gamble away his leadership on this? Are we going to sabotage the clean, family-friendly city image that has been carefully cultivated for decades? Are we going to gamble that a gambling industry-funded stadium for the Colts produces enough residual revenue and compassion to directly and significantly impact the future of thousands of young people living in poverty within the shadow of Downtown? This is, indeed, risky business.

John Hay Jr.
Senior pastor, West Morris Street Free Methodist Church
The Star did not print another question I raised: "Are we going to gamble that gambling is now somehow an amoral issue?" I wonder why they chose not to print that? It seems to me that this is the crux of it. If gambling is a moral issue, then the debate is over. Steer clear. Find other funding.

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