Monday, December 20, 2004

GAMBLE ON A NEW STADIUM FOR THE COLTS? It's not worth it. In a fresh twist in creative financing, Mayor Peterson bought into the proposal to place slot machines in downtown Indy as a way of paying for a new stadium for the Colts without raising taxes. Read all about it in today's Indianapolis Star.

ROLLING THE DICE. "Gamble" is the word that describes what's at stake for all in this proposal. Is Mayor Peterson really going gamble away his leadership on this? Are we going to gamble that gambling is now an amoral issue? Are we going to gamble on the city's future in this manner? Are going to gamble that keeping the Colts in town produces enough residual revenue and compassion to invest in the futures of young people living in poverty within the shadow of downtown? This is, indeed, risky business.

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