Thursday, December 2, 2004

THE CROSS: A BULLETIN BOARD FOR ALL OUR IDENTITIES? A young urban pastor writes with questions and comment:

"When people request prayer for 'our boys in Iraq' do you think they mean our troops or the Iraqi Christians? What does that say about our primary identity as people of God? I fear that the cross for many has become a bulletin board for all of our other identities. Are we first and foremost Christians or Americans? Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world." Are we following in His footsteps?
My response:

1. I suspect a lot more evangelical Christian prayers are being prayed for American troops (Christian or non) than for (a) Iraqi Christians, (b) Iraqi Muslims, (c) foreign insurgents in Iraq, or (d) the Israeli government to cooperate post haste in the creation of a Palestinian state (a generational delay that is fueling most of the Middle East-related terrorism).

2. American evangelical Christians are grossly muddling their identity. They want it both ways, to serve Jesus and loudly champion or silently support the unjustifiable wars of an Amercian President.

3. The question of whose Kingdom are we following is, to me, the most critical question for this generation of evangelicals.

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