Wednesday, December 8, 2004

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS. As a child, December was a month for perusing the Sears & Roebuck "Wish Book," the retail store's Christmas catalogue. You name it, it was there. Everything I ever wanted but never knew existed. You'd think my expectations would have been through the roof; completey unable to be met. Funny thing was, though I was a preacher's kid and finances were tight, my folks pulled out the stops at Christmas. If I didn't receive what I'd asked or hoped for, it was something better. Or so it seemed. I never remember being disappointed at Christmas.

SURF CHRISTMAS. Mom still pulls out the stops at Christmas, particularly for all her grandchildren (four of which are my kids). And she still wants to fulfill the Christmas wish of middle-aged adult children.
"What do you want for Christmas?" she asks.
"Nothing in particular," I reply in a 45-year old ho-hum drone.
Then I have a brainstorm. I change my tune.
"Well, you live on the beach. How about an old used surfboard?"
"A surfboard!" she responds. "Do you still want to learn to surf?"
"Still do," I confess. "Besides, what could be more fun than hauling a surfboard around on top of my VW Beetle in the dead of a midwestern winter?"
I've even got the Christmas surf music to go with it.
Catch a, drift!

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