Monday, November 22, 2004

YOU DON'T OWN ME. I'm thankful for the freedom of not being "owned." I wonder how many people narrow and orient the parameters of their lives to institutions which, for all practical purposes, own them? How many people labor under unspoken intimidations in the workplace or social context? Or, how many children chafe under unspoken intimidations for compliant behavior in their own household?

THE PRICE OF FREEDOM. Freedom from imposed expectations and constant capitulation to the "golden nose ring" of promised advancement or a comfortable salary and benefits may carry a high price. I will say it: It does. But what of the price of compromised integrity? Or a lifetime of gathering creaturely comforts without having challenged the sins of one's generation or lived passionately toward the Kingdom?

FREE TO LOVE. My heart goes out to people who would rather suffer and struggle than to live satiated on a corporate, governmental, fraternal, or overbearing familial leash. More than that, I admire people who, having come to complete freedom, out of that freedom choose to sacrificially love and prophetically serve those very institutions and relationships.

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