Sunday, November 21, 2004

WILL THIS STOP THE VIOLENCE? The town's abuzz about Friday night’s melee between several Indiana Pacers players and fans at The Palace in Detroit. My take: Everyone loses big time when these things are allowed to occur without severe penalty. The NBA Commissioner meted out long-term suspensions…and our hometown club feels the impact the most. Or, maybe that would be the Pistons fans who got clobbered.

NOW, ABOUT THOSE FANS... Now, what about those alcohol-intoxicated fans who threw bottles and cups and whatever else they could find at the Pacers, Mr. Stern? You can control your employees, perhaps, but can you begin to control your customers' behavior? Do you set your players up for such unruly brawls by the amount of abuse you allow them to be subjected to by raucous fans? It seems you need to redefine the rules of etiquette in your places of lucrative hospitality.

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