Friday, November 5, 2004

TO BE PEACEMAKERS. Johann Christof Arnold of The Bruderhof posted a concise response to the election, something all Christians would do well to take to heart in the days ahead:

"Whether we are saddened or elated by the prospect of another four years, now is not the time for depression or gloating. Jesus called on his followers to be peacemakers, and told them that they would be called the sons of God. This promise still exists for us today. These are simple but powerful words. If they worked in Christ’s time, why shouldn't they work today as we struggle to rid the world of terror? It is easy to pay our taxes, abide by the rule of law, and otherwise dutifully give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. But what about the second half of that commandment? In the end, only when we each become a peacemaker will we achieve the unity that politicians of all stripes are fond of giving lip service to."

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