Saturday, November 13, 2004

SILENT ON PURPOSEFUL MISINFORMATION ABOUT IRAQ. This the fourth overlooked moral issue for which there was an uneasy silence from religious groups during the election campaign:
Over the past year it has become clear that governmental leaders deliberately used discredited intelligence and questionable sources, and employed pressure tactics on its own agencies, to concoct a distorted scenario regarding Iraq to justify war to the United Nations, Congress, and the American public. It is has become increasingly clear that the major rationales used to attack Iraq were illegitimate and misleading at best and deceptive half-truths and lies at worst.

There are no links between the attack on the World Trade Center and Iraq. There is no evidence terrorists were being trained in Iraq. Not only has no evidence of weapons of mass destruction been found in Iraq, it is now clear the regime did not even have the capacity to develop them. Have there been any calls from the morally bold for accountability? For full disclosure? For honesty? For a corrected course based on truth?

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