Friday, November 12, 2004

SILENT ON A MAMMON SPIRIT IN THE LAND. This is the third moral issue for which there was an uneasy silence during the recent election:

Candidates of all stripes played flagrantly to the mammon spirit that is now a pervasive scourge on our land. So consumed are Americans by consumerism and self-advancement that we think better of any candidate who--at whatever cost to others, the fabric of society, the workplace, or the stability of the world--promises to relieve our tax share and increase personal wealth. A care-less, bullying aggression in the local and world marketplace has been raised to the level of patriotism and a religious duty. The god that is now served most dutifully in America is Free Market. Yet the “morally bold” remain mute.

Read five moral issues that were not put "in play" by religious conservatives during the recent election.

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