Saturday, November 20, 2004

MELEE IN DETROIT. I could hardly believe what I was seeing at the end of the Pacers-Pistons game at The Palace in Detroit last night. This fight between on-court players and Pacer players and Piston fans will be replayed endlessly over the next few days. It not only "doesn't look good" for the NBA, it is just about the worst-case scenario the league could have imagined. These players and fans have been watching too much WWF "Smackdown." No doubt fines, suspensions, security upgrades, and rules changes will result...and quickly. Set your stopwatch.

HOW WILL WE RESPOND? Watch and listen, also, for how people respond to this as violence.
  • Will Ben Wallace be excused for his two-handed shove in the face of Ron Artest after a hard foul?
  • Will Ronnie be justified or condemned for going into the stands to chase down a fan who threw a beer bottle at him as he lay on the official scorer's table trying to keep out of the shoving match between other players?
  • How will Stephen Jackson, who went into the stands with Artest with fists flying, be viewed?
  • Will fans be accused or excused for throwing cups and bottles and beer all over the Pacers? Will any of this be called for what it is?
  • What will be our take on the violence--no matter who is considered "at fault?"
Watch how we respond to this raw violence in our minds and hearts.

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