Monday, November 1, 2004

I DARE TO THINK FOR MYSELF. To whom it may concern: I dare to think for myself. I could care less what the "official" evangelical political positions are. God is not a Republican...or a Democrat. As far as I am concerned, the evangelical church is in critical danger of its witness being co-opted by political interests. It is a matter as dire as Satan masquerading as an angel of light. I will take my risks outside evangelical groupthink. Save your advice.


  1. I just wanted to let you know how encouraging your blog and GraceNotes are at times. I particularly appreciated your Election Special, and I linked it on my own blog. My entire faithfulness to God has been questioned by people because of my political stances. One "well-meaning friend" even suggested that I should be afraid to stand before God. I find myself in a very tense situation. Ultimately, I know it is where I need to be, out of love for my neighbor. Yet, it can be a very lonely place as well. So, thanks for sharing your gift of writing.

    -Heather (Morgan) Dethloff

  2. Hang in there, Heather. Stay rooted in the Word of God, paying close attention to the Sermon on the Mount. It's essential reading for times when we see influential believers and church leaders embrace violence, ignore the poor, bless arrogant greed in the face of overwhelming despair, pander to power, and mistake the Kingdom of God for America. Your dad, Lou, would be proud of you. There's another Father who is, too.


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