Tuesday, November 23, 2004

ARGENTINIAN TAKE ON AMERICA. Wondering if Argentinians had similar feelings to Brazilians (see previous blog), I asked a friend who has served in Latin America with the Peace Corps and who was recently in Argentina. Here is part of the reply:
"When I was in Argentina last month, a couple weeks before our election, what I got mostly was, 'How in the world can the election in your country be close given the fact that Bush is a lying war-monger?' I tried to explain to them the trauma our nation suffered from 9/11 and how people seemed to really want a strong leader who went after those who caused that problem, even if he was going after the wrong people."
My friend continues:

"I constantly felt the need to apologize to people for my nationality because of what Bush had done. They don't seem to hate Americans... they really want to like us and look to us as a beacon of hope as they had in the past, but under Bush, they just don't see us like they used to under any other Presidents before W. I tried to give them hope for our country at that time as I was quite confident that Kerry would win."

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