Wednesday, October 27, 2004

VOTING CONSIDERATION #1: Here is the first of seven considerations I typically make in thinking about candidates running for office and about regimes of government. I will post one per day through November 1:

#1: “WHAT DOES IT DO TO THE POOR?” At the core, my politics really come down to framing one question in reflection of any candidate’s or regime’s positions, policies, proposals, priorities, etc.: “What does it do to the poor?” A leading evangelical from another generation, Nicol├ís Wolterstorf, framed this question. Regarding it, the evangelical media and religious and political voices that purport to speak for “moral” issues have not raised this question or considered it. Neither domestic poverty nor the impact of American policies on those who are poor internationally factor into this year’s campaign. Yet it was to the poor who were being crushed by the Romans and belittled and condemned by the Pharisees that Jesus primarily addressed himself and to whom he announced the Kingdom. The poor continue to be disregarded by the powerful; their issues and concerns are lost in political agendas that seem to be influenced more and more by money and the preservation of moneyed advantage than morals (even the moral issues mentioned seem to be litmus tests or smoke screens behind which unbridled greed, self interest, and power are sought).

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