Thursday, October 14, 2004

NEVER REST? Here's a refreshing perspective on Sabbath keeping: “In our society the individual is independent, ideally depending on no one and nothing. And individuals who depend only on themselves must always be on guard. They can never rest. Thus we live in a world that might be characterized above all else as restless.”

DARING TO KEEP SABBATH. “Yet Jews and Christians are peculiar people who celebrate the Sabbath rest and understand that rest as one of the most crucial aspects of our witness. Unlike others in our society, we claim that our lives do not belong to us and are not in our control. We claim there is a Creator who trusts the goodness of his creation enough even to rest himself on the seventh day! How better can we show that the world and its welfare do not depend on us and our efforts than to rest regularly and boldly? How better to show that the world is good enough to believe in than to let it be one day a week?” -- Rodney Clapp in Families At the Crossroads (IVP)

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