Saturday, October 2, 2004

MILITARY RECRUITING IN SCHOOLS. Since 9/11, military recruiting in high schools has reached an alarming level. The presence of the military and heavy-handed recruiting efforts play (prey?) upon young people at a most malleable period of their development. Is this the best response to the call to patriotism? Military recruiting steps up while community service programs are defunded. Hmmm...

ANOTHER PATRIOTISM. Scott Button, age 18, comments on military recruiting in school, and wraps up his essay with this: "It is not enough just to say, 'I oppose killing in war'; we must represent our opposition as positive energy through our daily actions. We must not condemn those willing to die for what they see as the good of our country, but join them by demonstrating that another kind of patriotism rests in offering enthusiastic service to help make America and the rest of the world a safer, happier, and better place."

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