Sunday, October 17, 2004

LOOK UP! IT'S A... All eyes are on a soccer ball (looking more like a flying billiard ball) kicked into play during the championship game of the U-14 Gold Division of the Nightmare at the Rock tournament in Center Grove, Indiana. The girls in blue are Arsenal; Molly is #5. Arsenal won on PKs after two overtimes, 4-1.


  1. John what kind of camera do you use? I've been taking video and the other night Grant showed me how to hook it up to my computer with firewire and "snap" still shots from the video which we did and posted on blog. Unfortunately I was so far away and trying to watch and film at the same time that it's hard to see grant or the ball as he scored. But the cool thing is you can run video frame by frame to get the best shot.

    PS We bought our season passes again so we're ready to ski when you are

  2. I use a Sony Mavica still digital camera. Digital video would be nice. My kids teach me stuff on the cameras and computer, too. They're so far ahead of us old codgers.


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