Monday, October 18, 2004

BOUNDARY CROSSINGS. My work as a pastor takes me in every direction of the metropolitan area. I go toward downtown to get to the church facility, but I travel in every direction to meet with those who form our community of faith and circle of concern. As I traverse the city, I am aware that I cross many sensitive community boundaries every time I get in and out of my VW Beetle.

CHALLENGE IN ALL DIRECTIONS. Whatever way I go, whatever street or highway I take, I am aware that these are places people have left behind or are moving toward. These are emotional and generational boundaries as well as geographic locales. They represent spiritual journeys toward and away from Christian discipleship, hospitality, and creative witness.

WHOLE CITY. As I think about this, it seems to me that metropolitan ministry, for both individuals and groups, calls for ever higher levels of understanding and appreciation for the whole city, its movements, and its challenges--inside and out.

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