Tuesday, September 28, 2004

REGISTER TO VOTE -- ASAP. If you plan to vote in the November national election and you are not registered, or if your voting status is in question because you have not voted in a long time (not to mention any names), you need to register to vote ASAP. If you are an Indiana resident, click on this link to download an Indiana voter registration form. If you are a resident of Indiana and need to cast an absentee ballot, click on this link to download an application for an absentee ballot. It must be mailed to your respective county election office (addresses are included in the download) at least 8 days before election day.

DON'T TAKE IT LIGHTLY. Though you may or may not like the choices, and though you may be suspicious of some or all politicians, voting in free, democratically-conducted elections is a privilege many people have suffered or given their lives for. Please don't take it lightly. Of course you also have the right to choose not to vote.

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