Friday, September 17, 2004

HURRICANE REMNANTS. Bands of clouds and turbulence from Ivan's spin-out over Tennessee are passing over Central Indiana this morning. These mere remnants blow counterclockwise and bring small gusts that rustle the trees in fits and starts. Where has this breeze been in the past frew days? A look at the slideshow of Ivan's devastation in Pensacola, Florida tells the story of devastation.

THE UNFORGETTABLE SEASON. And, surely you've heard that Jeanne is on a westward path to make American landfall early next week. And behind her, Karl (though Karl is predicted to expend his fury out at sea). Welcome to the unforgettable hurricane season. Is this the one we will tell our grandchildren about? About Charley, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne, and...?

NAMING THE FURY. How long have we been naming these storms--these weather events, even sagas? Somehow, naming a thing helps us personify it, even pour emotions into it. Does Greek mythology capture the imagination today because people personified their universe so fully and shaped it into enduring, transcendent stories?

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