Thursday, September 9, 2004

FIRST FAMILY No, not the Texans occupying the White House. "First family" refers, instead, to folks in the community of faith--the church. I'm trying to digest the implications of Rodney Clapp's (Families at the Crossroads, InterVarsity Press) assertion:

SECOND FAMILY “For the Christian, church is First Family. The biological family, though still valuable and esteemed, is Second Family. Husbands, wives, sons and daughters are brothers and sisters in the church first and most importantly – secondly they are spouses, parents, or siblings to one another.”

IDOLATRY OF FAMILY Christian community as First Family interprets Jesus' statements about family (see September 8 post: "JESUS: FAMILY MAN?") and applies the Apostle Paul's "household of faith" and "adoption" language. It's also a head-on challenge to what is usually assumed about "traditional family values." The locus of meaning shifts: meaning for individuals and families is the Kingdom of God begun in Jesus Christ, not the traditional family (which tends toward idolatry) in its consumer service to free-market economy. For some this is devastating and undermining; for others it is hopeful and constructive.

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