Monday, September 16, 2002

FRAGMENTS FROM THE MARGINS. Like I said, I am slow. Or something like that. I've been at this, more or less, for several years. I post collections of fragments of a week full of reflections on a page I call Grace Notes: Weekly Fragments from the Margins of a Graced Life. It is currently a GeoCities site, My entries are truly fragments from the margins of my life. The kind of things I note while I am on the job, at my kids practices or games, in church, etc. And I am looking for signs of grace in nontraditional places--particularly outside the walls of the church. In the community. In a conversation. In dialogue with a homeless neighbor. In doubt. In fledgling hope.

WHAT ARE THE RULES? I do not yet know "the rules" of blogging. I am listening, watching, learning. Perhaps someone will point me in the right direction.

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